Rewind Festival 2017 – another cracker!

2018 will hopefully be my third year performing at Rewind Festival so I thought it would be a good idea to take a quick look back at Rewind 2017.

The set up for 2017 was a bit different to 2016. Instead of a marquee and ‘cocktail bar come pub’ they had me playing in this great little pop up pub.

And from the get go it worked an absolute treat. This festival is really fun and friendly (the level of fancy dress is an art form in itself) and there is no holding the ‘Rewinders’ back when it comes to a good sing a long and so together we created a cracking pub piano atmosphere. Friday night I sat down to start playing around 6.30pm and finally climbed off at 11pm with just a few short breaks and the crowd still wanting more :-) Saturday evening was more of the same and as different groups came and went one sing a long rolled into another.

Afternoons had a more leisurely feel with a chance to play some more mellow tunes and serenade those a little worse for wear from the night before. Playing tunes from the likes of OMD, The Thompsons Twins and Madness whilst also slotting in some of the old pub favourites is always a pleasure.

I also now officially have ‘regulars’ as I got the chance to catch up with some of my keenest participants from 2016.

With this lot a sing a long is never very far away and if you watch carefully in the background here you’ll see I can even get Darth Vader dancing (there is hope for the universe yet!)

Throughout the weekend sing a long ranged from 80s classics like ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘It Must be Love’ through to songs by Abba, The Beatles, Elvis and beyond and on of course to those all important pub piano classics. But what ever we were singing, one thing is for sure, we were never far from a request for something by the great Chas ‘n Dave :-)

So another great Rewind was had by all and here’s hoping for more this year. It’s such a fun and friendly festival, I would highly recommend it to anyone. And if you do go, then visit the bloke in the hawaiian shirt playing the piano, he’ll always be pleased to see you.

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Rewind South 2017 confirmed!

Pleased to announce that I’ll be playing at Rewind South Festival again this summer. You’ll be able to find me in the ‘Cocktail tent’ – though it’s really much more like a bar :-) . It’s a great festival and we had a lot of fun last year, so am looking forward to plenty more of the same. The festival runs from August 18th – 20th.

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Rewind Festival 2016 – what a cracker!!

Question: Where can you sing ‘Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do’ with Wurzel Gummidge and friends whilst the cast of ‘An Officer and a Gentlemen’ look on?

Answer: Where else but the 80s Rewind Festival.

Last year I had the pleasure of being booked to play in the cocktail tent at Rewind Festival South in Henley on Thames. When I got the booking I was quietly excited, my experience of playing in pubs and clubs told me that an audience that enjoys the 80s also generally remembers a lot of the old pub tunes and the two sit easily side by side. Going from Madness to ‘Don’t Dilly Dally’ and on to Chas n Dave to my mind is quite seamless, as the music is linked by common ‘music hall’ roots.

Rewind - Bucks FizzCome the gig, I wasn’t disappointed, indeed it was even better than I had thought. The Rewind crowd really get into he spirit of things, with all manner of 80s fancy dress and attention to detail. The atmosphere is fun and friendly throughout and the cocktail tent was like a little rest and recuperation area away from the main stage and bars. I ebbed and flowed between pub piano classics and 80’s hits from the likes of Depeche Mode, Madness and Abba and even got a piano mosh pit going with ‘Night boat to Cairo’.

Rewind Vivian 1We had a fantastic time and I got some great feedback from people and so I’m hoping to be back again this year (plug, plug). If I am, then expect plenty more 80s medleys, some TV theme tunes (think Dad’s Army and Grange Hill) and of course all the old pub favourites.

Away from playing, a personal highlight at the festival was hearing Tony Hadley and his band/ orchestra do their sound check with ‘To Cut a Long Story Short’. That bloke can truly sing, such power and grace – well done that man!

And back in the cocktail tent? Well, whilst not quite on the same level, but still very successful at keeping the audience entertained, there was one tune that never failed to get them dancing. A timeless classic, and one that on this particular occasion below was enjoyed by visiting members of the Police Academy (which was very helpful, because I’d had pretty much lost my voice by then). See you next time hopefully.

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